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New Clinic Location

Clock Tower Animal Clinic is pleased to announce its new, larger facility designed to create the best experience for clients and their pets.  Since we're locally owned and operated, we seek to attract and retain the best veterinary professionals for our city.  This new facility helps us further our pride in local ownership, client service, and the place to work in veterinary medicine.

We're happy to say our design plans accommodate most, if not all, of the feedback we've received from our time at our former locations.

See below for a few of the overall goals of the new building.


You've said... We're planning for...
The lobby is too small/crowded Seating for 20+, over 4x the current size.
The clinic doesn't have enough parking Parking for over 40 vehicles at the site.
The clinic is too busy More exam rooms, dedicated check-out area, and capacity to expand staff.
We love your clinic, and we've been happy to watch you grow. Thanks! We love our clients too, and we want to keep growing our staff and the services we provide. This new clinic is designed to allow us to grow further.

  • Additional Goals of Dr. Schlenker for the New Building

    - Relocate less than 2 miles from current location to reduce impact to clients.
    - Offer more green space for clients and their pets.
    - Incorporate natural lighting for comfort of clients and staff.
    - Emphasize efficiency of client movement around the front areas of new building.
    - Use energy efficient design principles.
    - Plan for top-tier medical areas for technical and veterinary staff.
    - Offer more features for staff and their busy lives.

  • Time Frame

    We continue to work with our design and construction team, as well as the City of Lincoln, to plan and build this new building as quickly, yet as thoughtfully, as possible. As we progress, we will update timing with the latest information we have.

New Clinic Concept Art

New Clinic Project Partners

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