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New Patient

Congratulations on your new companion!  We are excited to help get you started.  We recommend all new pets be brought in for an initial wellness examination and vaccinations. This helps foster a long, healthy, relationship with your new friend and get started off on the right foot...err paw...or both. At the time of scheduling your appointment, you will be provided more specific instructions on what to bring, and how soon you should come in for the first doctor visit.  It is so exciting, and we can’t wait to meet you!


When you’re looking for a veterinary clinic for your pet, you should be able to expect the highest care and most superior service. At Clock Tower Animal Clinic, our friendly and knowledgeable professionals will provide the best possible healthcare. Our facility is clean, comfortable, efficient, and our doors are always open to new patients.


Whether you are beginning a new relationship with your special pet or you are continuing to care for a best friend, we recommend you bring your pet in once a year for a full physical exam. This exam includes a thorough inspection from head to tail and discussions with a doctor about recommendations to facilitate continued health. We also welcome any questions you may have about your pet and are happy to work through them as a team.


Updated images of our new clinic coming soon!

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