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Have you ever had a question and either didn't know where to find the answer or were too afraid to ask? If so, you've come to the right place. As the name would suggest, this section is a compilation of answers to the questions most commonly asked by our users.


  • I am not a client, are you accepting new clients?

    Yes, we are happy to see your pet, even if you are new to our clinic.

  • I just want shots for my pet, is that okay?

    Yes, we offer vaccination only appointments at a very affordable rate. However, we must have an active, client-patient relationship for the pet. If we do not have this relation, or it is no longer active, it is safest for us to vaccinate after an examination.

  • Can I get advice over the phone?

    Our doctors and medical staff often work with owners over the phone on active treatment or recovery cases. We cannot offer medical advice on pets which have not been examined by our medical staff, and it would be unsafe and unlawful to do so. Don’t forget to check out our resources page for online advice.

  • Can I buy prescription medications at your clinic?

    Yes, we have an in-house pharmacy, including the best preventatives, selected by our experienced vets. Similar to vaccinations, we cannot issue prescription medications without an active client-patient relationship. Lastly, there are some controlled substances which our doctors can prescribe, but must be filled by an external pharmacy. We also partner with Vets First Choice online pharmacy for easy shopping, refills, and home shipping.

  • Do you carry specialty diet food for pets?

    Yes, we carry a limited supply of special diet foods for patients needing to switch, or for emergency needs. We will work with you to special order larger amounts from our suppliers.

  • I have an “exotic” pet (rabbit, gerbil, lizard, etc.), will you care for my animal?

    At this time our staff does not work with pocket pets or exotics. There are clinics in Lincoln that do. Give us a call if you need some ideas.

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